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Best Adsense Alternatives For Organic Content 

Blogging with AdSense has been a go-to revenue stream for independent creators for over a decade now. But times are changing, Google’s AdSense policies keep updating, and it’s getting harder to get approved for AdSense as a new business. While AdSense is a popular choice, there are other ad networks that offer competitive rates and can […]

Google Universal Analytics Sunsetting in July 2023

Google Analytics 4 will be replacing Universal Analytics and GA 360. Everyone needs to migrate, no exception. Google Analytics has been instrumental in revolutionalizing digital marketing and ecommerce since mid-2000’s. The analytics and insights help businesses identify and understand their audience. 15-year is a long time. It is easy to imagine the dependency on GA […]

Use Blog Posts to Create Social Media Content

Learn to use blog posts as social media content and drive traffic to your business

Gain Followers with Instagram Hashtag Best Practices

Hashtags in the comments? Or hashtags in the caption?

About Grow

Grow Digital Strategy is a boutique agency located in Yorba Linda, CA, owned and operated by professional creative partners, Karen and Michael Walsh. As a dynamic duo, Michael and Karen provide a wide range of professional services encompassing operations and marketing, including e-commerce and integration consultation, brand journalism, content development, creative direction, SEO strategy, and ROI growth.

Karen Walsh is an e-commerce consultant and data analyst with decades of expertise in direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce, platform integration, omnichannel implementation, and business applications. Her extensive experience includes supporting multimillion-dollar businesses.

Michael Walsh is a versatile professional, serving as a content strategist, photographer, designer, and podcast producer. His specialties lie in content strategy and team leadership. Walsh has contributed to creative campaigns for prominent brands such as Royal Caribbean, Alienware, Icon Collective, and Starwood Hotels. Additionally, he volunteers at 99.1 FM Long Beach Public Radio, where he hosts “Cosmic Spot” airing on Friday nights from 9-11 PM.

Grow Digital Strategy was founded by Jimmy Maheras and Michael Walsh, who joined forces in 2017 to establish a marketing company committed to delivering dynamic ROI improvements to businesses. Jimmy Maheras, a digital marketing expert, has successfully managed campaigns for notable figures such as Tai Lopez, Scare LA, and Pretty Litter.